Bougainville Vice President Accuses National Government Of 'Deliberatly Strangling ABG'

Masono says no money from 2017 budget has been provided; urges Bougainvilleans to unite for independence

By Romulus Masiu

PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea (PNG Post-Courier, May 24, 2017) – Bougainville has not received any money from the 2017 National Budget, says Bougainville vice-president Raymond Masono.

He accused the National Government of deliberately holding back Bougainville’s development grants as agreed under the Bougainville Peace Agreement.

“The National Government is deliberately strangling ABG. There is no revenue for this year from the National Government. It does this on purpose, it knows Bougainville is breaking away so its reluctance to give money,” Mr Masono told Bougainvilleans gathered at Manetai, Central Bougainville.

He said that if Waigani continues to treat the government and the people of Bougainville this way then that is a clear message for Bougainvilleans to rise up and start printing its own money.

Mr Masono said that the government and people of Bougainville are so frustrated with such treatment that they have to be united on June 15, 2019, to make a decision that will shape the future of the island region.

“That future nation too must have money thus people must start to free up their resources in order to generate income for the Bougainville Government and in return the government will better help the people.

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