Estimated Property Loss In Boroko, PNG Fire Pegged At $7.7 Million

March blaze also lead to merchandise being looted 

By Alphonse Porau

PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea (The National, May 24, 2017) – The estimated loss of properties destroyed by a fire at Boroko in Port Moresby in March has been put at K25 million [US$7.7 million].

Acting Chief Fire Officer Bill Roo said the estimated value was for the properties and items damaged by the fire. It excluded the value of items reportedly looted by people at the scene.

“According to our investigation and information collected from the shop owners, the total value is estimated at K25 million,” Roo said.

“That includes everything lost in the shop and the property.

“That amount does not cover the shops that were looted as it is a police matter.”

Meanwhile, the PNG Fire Service says the fires at Papindo and Johnstons Pharmacy at Boroko on March 24 were unrelated to the fire the previous day.

Giving an update of the incident at Boroko, Roo said the fire was an act of arson.

“According to the our investigation, the fires involving Papindo and Johnstons Pharmacy buildings happened at about the same time, but are unrelated to the Kaibar fire on March 23,” he said.

“The fire which occurred on Thursday afternoon did not affect Papindo and Johnstons pharmacy, which later spread.

“Firefighters prevented fires from spreading to these buildings and brought the fire under control by about 7pm.

“However, the firefighters stayed till 1am, ensuring that all pocket fires were fully extinguished. It is unlikely a fire would have ignited itself again simultaneously.”

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