Hotel, Retail, Business Center Project Planned For PNG's Angoram, East Sepik

Parliamentary candidate claims to have secured investor for mutli-million kina Mossin Plaza

PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea (PNG Post-Courier, May 26, 2017) – Angoram, once a colonial district administration and pride of East Sepik Province, is set to regain its former glory days.

This will be made possible with the construction of a multi-million kina plaza comprising a four-storey hotel, a three-storey shopping mall and a two-storey business centre.

Angoram Open candidate Terry Daniel has already secured a prominent onshore investor, Vitis Industries Ltd, to undertake the construction of the building, to be called Mossin Plaza.

The construction of the multi-million kina plaza is set to start “very soon” and it will be developed by a Ukrainian consortium. The project is set to create employment opportunities for the people of Angoram.

While most candidates are busy campaigning for the election, Mr Daniel has instead gone about engaging with the investor to bring what he termed as “tangible development for Angoram” or “walk the talk.”

Mr Daniel says that Angoram has not changed one bit and he has pursued this project as a way forward to transform Angoram after years of neglect and collapse.

He said that Angoram was a main district centre for government and business before and after Independence, but that is not the case anymore with overgrown grass and dilapidated public schools and health services.

Mr Daniel said by investing in a modern high-rise building in a remote setting like Angoram, business and government services, including tourism, can be lured back to the district by the attraction and offering of a quality and modern facility like the plaza, which they can enjoy and live in.

Mr Daniel was the head of food sanitation council secretariat with the Department of Health until he resigned to contest the election.

He holds a Bachelor of Science in Food Technology (Unitech) and Masters in Business Administration (UPNG).

“My party’s overall objective is to economically empower the people of Angoram through agriculture and fisheries.”

He said that economic empowerment is a key policy of SOM Pioneer Party, in which he is a candidate.

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