Fiji Opposition MP Questions 'Illogical And Discriminatory' Police Recruitment

Radrodro says rejection of those without driver's licenses could elimate well qualified candidates

By Vishaal Kumar

SUVA, Fiji (Fiji Times, May 31, 2017) – The Opposition spokesperson for infrastructure and transport, Aseri Radrodro has labelled the Fiji Police Force recruitment drive illogical and discriminatory.

His concerns come after hundreds of avid applicants in both Suva and Lautoka recruitment drives were turned away because the applicants did not meet a part of the selection criteria which mandated that they possessed a full or provisional manual driving licence.

Mr Radrodro stated the policy was sure to discriminate against those with good credentials who may had passed university level but had yet to obtain a driver's licence.

"They may have overlooked the potential candidates they would be turning away because of these criteria. Those with good acumen that a professional entity needs. They will also miss out on physically fit officers," he said.

"Apart from that, not all applicants would have come from homes that have cars so not all of them will be able to drive. For those that do not have licences, this will mean another significant expenditure for them to go through.

"Mr Radrodro said the total cost from obtaining a learners permit to getting a provisional licence would cost at least a minimum of $500, a cost many struggling families couldn't afford.

He questioned what had happened to equal opportunities under the law and the right to employment as stated under Section 20 (1) of the Constitution.

He revealed the recruitment should have ideally stated the holding of a manual driving licence only as an added advantage.

" I would like to call upon the Honourable Minister for Defence to note if this is indeed a requirement of the Force and if so, to rethink the logic of such a policy, and I likewise urge the Fiji Human Rights and Ant-Discrimination Commission to investigate these discriminatory requirements of the Fiji Police Force," he said.

"This is serious and means our young people will have to be unemployed for longer if they have to meet additional requirements such as this new police requirement.

"If this is indeed how government wishes to promote employment and eradication of poverty not to mention affirm equal opportunities for our young people , then they have a very sad way of reflecting it."

Attempts to get comments from the Fiji Police Force yesterday proved unsuccessful.

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