Opposition Efforts To Remove Solomon Islands PM Gaining Momentum

Sogavare accused of 'poor and weak leadership'

By Aatai John

HONIARA, Solomon Islands (Solomon Star, June 6, 2017) – The secret move to oust the Prime Minister (PM) Manasseh Sogavare is still active and gaining momentum, a Member of Parliament (MP) has disclosed.

This was despite claims that things are settling down.

The move started fortnight ago in a secret meeting held in one of the premier hotels in Honiara.

Those in attendance included members of the DCC government, Opposition, and Independent Group.

According to an insider, a prominent businessman called the meeting to discuss what he described as “Mr Sogavare’s poor and weak leadership”.

The MP who declined to be named told the Solomon Star yesterday members of the Democratic Coalition for Change Government (DCCG) are regrouping again and are now taking the leading role to remove the PM, for what they described as the only hope to save this country from total destruction.

The MP claimed Mr Sogavare is capitalising on the ignorance of the new MPs, to remain in power, thus failed to address the problems of Solomon Islands as a nation.

He further claimed the PM continues to grasp the interests of the new MPs, with a bait by funding more projects in their constituencies, but forgets to deal with major issues affecting the country, which is the poor state of the national economy.

The MP added that this self-serving leadership has now resulted in the cash flow crisis that will affect the entire nation, as people will suffer the consequence of this poor leadership if this is allowed to continue.

He said timing to remove the PM is not a problem, because the issue of concern to the nation is to oust Sogavare, before the current cash flow crisis goes further below the disaster level.

He went on to say that the new comers into parliament were shocked with the entitlements of politicians, so they keep hanging on to Sogavare’s leadership, in the hope of acquiring more funding under their discretion, in the name of constituency development.

“But they fail to look at the problem of Solomon Islands as a nation, which constituencies is only a secondary issue to it,” he pointed out.

“Government must change within this small time, in order to save this country from disaster and bring back the key objectives of the DCCG to the table, to assess its achievability, before the term ends.”

He cautioned that since there is little time left but nothing achieve so far in the DCCG policy, it is wise to remove the leadership, so that we look at ways to achieve one or two goals before the year ends.

He responded to people that discourages the move to oust the PM for reasons based on limited time as small brains and hopeless thinkers.

“Solomon Islands is turning 40 years soon so politicians are matured enough to tackle issues of challenge to their political leadership, and given the similar situation at hand is no exception.”

The MP concluded that PM’s trip to New York has given MPs the opportunity to regroup and strengthened their move to oust him, since he is a stubborn person, who cannot accept the call to step down from the position.

The Prime Minister who is heading to New York from Australia could not be reached for comments last night.

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