U.S. Interior Department Provides $6.4 Million For RMI Compact Infrastructure Projects

U.S. Department of the Interior
Washington, D.C.

June 5, 2017

Acting Interior Assistant Secretary Nikolao Pula has made available $6,460,739 for infrastructure projects under the Compact of Free Association between the U.S. and the Republic of the Marshall Islands.

The funds will support school construction on Majuro and Ebeye islands and make improvements to the Wellness Center kitchen at the hospital in Majuro. They also fund a variety of other projects on Ebeye.

“These funds are provided to support worthy projects previously approved by the Joint Economic Management and Financial Accountability Committee, a bilateral committee established under the Compact Agreement,” said Acting Assistant Secretary Pula. “I look forward to the quick execution of these projects for the benefit of communities on Majuro and Ebeye.”

The public sector infrastructure grants are as follow:

  • North Delap Elementary School (phase 2) — $1,523,995 provides for an additional two-story building with 4 classrooms. The North Delap school is to replace the worn down Uliga school. Two schools, North Delap and Rita Elementary Schools serve the Rita district where a majority of the Majuro population resides.
  • Majuro Hospital Kitchen — $19,151 will be used toward completing the relocation of the hospital kitchen to the Wellness Center which is connected to the hospital. Founded 12 years ago, the Wellness Center purpose is to reverse rising incidences of diabetes in the Marshall Islands through lifestyle intervention, education, and local food production and consumption.
  • Ebeye Elementary School (phase 1) — $3,662,700 to fund a new school building with 16 classrooms on Ebeye which has the second highest student population in the Marshall Islands next to Majuro.
  • Housing Relocation Ebeye Elementary School: $198,940 to fund relocation costs related to preparing new school building site.

The Kwajalein Development Fund Projects are as follow:

  • Ebeye Emergency Dock Repair — $500,000 to repair erosion and structural damage to the Ebeye Dock.
  • Ebeye Recreation Facility —$498,553 to repair the only recreation facility available on Ebeye which needs roof and other repairs to ensure a safe location for recreation.
  • Water Transport Pilot Project — $57,400 to purchase water transport containers and assist the local government in water distribution system to households on Ebeye.
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To appreciate to the U.S Interior of Department for what have you provides 6.4 Million for RMI Compact Infrastructure Projects

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