Major Opposition Parties In PNG Meet To Plot Formation Of Next Government

O'Neill calls group 'recycled and the same old and tired leaders who have no policies'

By Gorethy Kenneth

PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea (PNG Post-Courier, June 9, 2017) – Major political parties have been meeting in Port Moresby in the past week to chart a pathway towards the possible formation of a new government in August.

Leaders of the National Alliance Party, People’s Progress Party, THE Party, PNG Constitutional Democratic Party, PNG National Party and head of the independents Sir Michael Somare, met this week in Port Moresby to kick-start the sessions to form government.

But yesterday, the ruling People’s National Congress Party welcomed the news with skepticism, branding them “recycled and the same old and tired leaders who have no policies and are just being driven by ego and pride”.

PNC Party leader and Prime Minister Peter O’Neill said: “These are leaders constantly changing parties and loyalty in an attempt to fool our people into thinking that they have the solution for our challenges. These are the same leaders, who have been around since independence, mismanaging our country and the economy. Now they want to ask the people of PNG for second chance, which they do not deserve.”

Party leaders for the National Alliance Patrick Pruaitch, THE Party president Warusam Debege, People’s Progress Party Ben Micah, PNG Constitutional Democratic Party leader Ila Geno, Sir Mekere Morauta representing independents, Kerenga Kua of PNG National Party, while veteran parliamentarian Sir Michael Somare have been meeting in Port Moresby to form a government without PNC.

Other party representatives have acknowledged that there is nationwide support for a change in government to arrest and stabilise the national economy and social ills.

“We will dig the economy out of its worst ever debt crisis and guide the nation back on track towards the promised greater prosperity, which was lost over the last five years,” the group said.

“This new found alliance and membership has now given us the strength and confidence to form the next government. We are confident that one of the Alternate Government parties will bring in the numbers to be invited by the Governor-General to form the next government.”

But Mr O’Neill had the last say: “Both Mekere and Somare governments were resoundingly rejected by our people in 2002 and 2012 from being all powerful to nothing. That is the will of the people. Leaders need to learn to accept, and they are same old team that has been trying to destabilise the government since 2012.

“Our people know better, they can see the changes and accept them that it is making a difference in their lives.”

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