20 MPs From Various Parties Sign Solidarity Agreement Supporting Vanuatu Government

PM Salwai says more needs to be done to ensure political stability

By Anita Roberts

PORT VILA, Vanuatu (Vanuatu Daily Post, June 12, 2017) – Almost 20 elected Members of Parliament (MPs) from different political groupings signed a solidarity agreement on Saturday to restore confidence and stability in the Government.

MPs Jean Pierre Nirua, Marco Mahe and Marcellino Barthelemy Telukluk from the Reunification of Movement for Change (RMC), Christophe Emele and Jack Wona (Vanuatu National Development Party), Toara Daniel and Kalo Seule (Green Confederation), Gaetan Pikioune and Jacob Mata (Nagriamel), Edwin Amblus Macreveth (Fren Melanesian Party), Ephraim Kalsakau and Albert William (U-Bloc), Alickson Vira (Angai Takaro Movement), Independent Candidate Francois Chani, Jerome Ludvaune, Tomker Netvueni, Nako Natuman and Seule Simeon put signatures to paper at the Prime Minister’s (PM) Office declaring their allegiance to Charlot Salwai’s coalition government.

This came after concerns were raised within the government by backbenchers about certain ministers.

An attempt was made to remove five government ministers on allegations they were performing on their own self-interests.

Parliamentarians that met on Saturday to discuss the solidarity agreement agreed to cooperate for development and stability.

They agreed to remain united to allow the current government to complete its term in power and not repeat what happened in 2015 when Vanuatu was plagued by instability.

During the solidarity agreement, PM Salwai emphasized the urgent need for stability in Vanuatu politics to enhance economic development and service delivery.

“Political instability disturbs development.

“Vanuatu as a least developing country faces a lot of challenges.

“A disaster-prone country faced with the increase of non-communicable diseases.

“When disaster strikes, everyone; MPs, political parties, chiefs, churches and the community must unite to share resources to rebuild.

“Unity is necessary for an effective government,” the head of the government stressed.

He thanked all MPs who signed the agreement for their solidarity with the government since formation last year.

“These parties have been in solidarity with the government since the government formation, generating support for bills in parliament.

“Today’s (Saturday) agreement is a formal instrument to formalize their solidarity.

“By signing the agreement, they agree to continue to be part of the government and that they will continue to support any bills the government intends to pass in parliament.

“I trust and expect their votes for all bills that will be passed in parliament (Monday) during extraordinary session,” said the PM.

The parties in solidarity assured the PM they will be there to keep the government running and will make sure that service delivery will not be hindered by political instability.

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