More Than 10,500 Security Personnel To Be Deployed During PNG Elections

Police, PNG Defence Force, Correctional Services to provide security at polling stations, counting centers

PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea (PNG Post-Courier, June 15, 2017) – A total of 10,600 security personnel from the three disciplinary forces – Police, PNG Defence Force and Correctional Services – will be used for the 2017 National Election operations.

Police Commissioner Gari Baki said they would be deployed to various electorates to provide security during the polling and counting of the ballot papers.

“When all the officers are deployed to the electorates, I will know how many security personnel are assigned for this month’s national election. These will include reservists and special police constables assigned,” Mr Baki said.

He said that during the past six weeks, PNG had been in campaign mood, and this would continue to June 24 to choose 111 men and women geographically thoughout the country.

“There are men and women who have raised their hands to run for the various seats in the provinces and electorates. This is customary over the five years when the people make one decision in their life that will determine their future and the country,” Mr Baki said.

He said that the chances of potential of threats, intimidations and bribery are mostly likely to occur, and he has urged the three disciplinary forces to conduct the election with respect for their uniforms for safe and fair election operations.

“There are of course good candidates and bad candidates. There are people who will threaten and intimidate or bribe their way into office, and that is why police, CS and the PNGDF are there to ensure as much as possible the outcome of the 2017 National Election is a true indication of and the reflection of the people’s choice given freely without favour, threats and intimidation,” Mr Baki said.

“We stand between good and evil. We are there to provide the environment that our people can exercise this powerful responsibility wisely without fear.”

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