Chinese Workers Reject 'Consolation Payment' Offer; Protest Against CNMI Casino Contractor

Gold Mantis offered each working $5,000; ticket home

By Cherrie Anne E. Villahermosa 

SAIPAN, CNMI (Marianas Variety, June 22, 2017) – Thirty foreign workers staged another protest rally on Thursday morning to demand that their employers pay them their back wages and not the “consolation payment” of $5,000 that Gold Mantis has offered to each of them.

It was the third time the workers have demonstrated outside the Imperial Pacific International casino in Garapan.

Some of the workers were employed by MCC or Beilida both of which, like Gold Mantis, were contractors of Imperial Pacific.

One of the workers, Zhang Guilin, who was employed by MCC and Gold Mantis, said while they were protesting on Thursday, they received a call informing them that Gold Mantis was willing to pay each of them $5,000 and purchase a plane ticket for their return to China.

Zhang Guilin said they all refused the offer. He said the amount won’t even pay the interest on the money borrowed by many of them just to come to Saipan to work.

The workers insist that they be paid the amount owed to them under the law, including compensation for those who were injured at the work site.

They said they will not go home until all of them are paid in full.

They said they staged another protest because it’s been over a month since they first protested, but no progress has been made on any of their demands. They said their employers have not reached out to them.

They are still staying in an apartment in Garapan, uncertain about their future. Imperial Pacific is providing them with food.

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