Papua New Guinea Election Chief Takes Responsibility For Common Roll Problems

Gamato says Commission did follow the required process

PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea (PNG Post-Courier, July 4, 2017) – The 2017 National Election boss Patilias Gamato has taken full responsibility of the problems being faced nationwide with regards to the electoral roll.

Mr Gamato, when responding to questions raised by the media yesterday at the 3pm daily conference, said that it was the full responsibility of the commission.

However, he also defended that it was also the responsibility of the people of Papua New Guinea, who had the chance to enlist or enroll themselves and their families when Electoral Commission officials were updating the Roll.

“Let me first of all say that as the Electoral Commission, who is in charge of updating the roll, it is our responsibility, I cannot deny that, but we have followed process,” Mr Gamato said.

“We have followed process under the law in terms of updating roll, issuing claims enrolment under the claim for enrolment form, Form 11, when we release forms, the forms come back and we update the roll, okay after that is done, the law requires we advertise the preliminary roll so the people can come and object to the roll.

“So I am satisfied that we have done our part as the Electoral Commission. We have done our part by doing the preliminary roll, advertising the roll for objections and then the final roll came out, but when the defects came out its unfortunate that it happened that way,” he said.

“I cannot say I don’t take full blame and responsibility. I want to accept that so my statement in the opening of going forward is to allow the task force to look into this,” he said.

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