24 Out Of 30 Candidates In PNG's Goroka Open Seat Say Election 'Failed'

Even before counting is complete, group disputes the results

By Matthew Vari

PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea (PNG Post-Courier, July 4, 2017) – A total 24 candidates, out of 30, contesting the Goroka Open seat have opted to dispute the election as failed for the district.

Candidate, Soti Aizo, revealed this yesterday when he spoke to Post-Courier about various allegations of foul play he said took place during polling on June 26 and 27.

Aizo produced documents of reports filed with police in Goroka and was also in Port Moresby with the aim to file an injunction to stop counting for the open seat.

Claims by the majority of candidates who signed vary from roll tampering, extra ballot papers, polling official accusation and other issues.

“We lodged the complaint on Tuesday, last week, and we provided all the evidence to the police in charge of the elections in Goroka,” Mr Aizo said.

“I got on a flight in the morning to take the matter down here (Port Moresby) to engage a lawyer to get a court injunction to stop the counting to proceed for the Goroka seat.”

“I am here, I represent the other 24 who signed because there were all election discrepancies throughout the whole entire polling booths and the people didn’t exercise their democratic rights by going and voting according to their names.”

Aizo called on the other six candidates who did not sign, including the sitting member, to join the rest to sign their petition.

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I think it is for the better to stop the counting ...but we the people want a representive as well .for the good of the province... District.. The canadate plus scrutineers so get the sealal number of the ballot boxes .put stop to it..let the count decide .to count it or not..

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