Docomo Pacific Launches 4G LTE Network In CNMI

Businesses to be offered 'triple digit' internet speeds

By Lori Lyn C. Lirio

SAIPAN, CNMI (Marianas Variety, July 5, 2017) – Docomo Pacific has launched its 4G LTE network which, it says, will allow the CNMI to experience triple-digit internet speed.

“Today, Atisa has come to life, and we are offering business access to the global internet through its services,” Docomo chief executive officer Jonathan Kriegel said.

The launching of the 4G LTE network was held during the reopening of the newly renovated Docomo store in Gualo Rai on Monday.

“The big news for today is the launching of our 4G LTE network. We are launching today the CNMI’s widest LTE coverage with more cell sites and more access to data to give you a great experience every time and anywhere,”

Kriegel said in May they laid the Atisa cable on Saipan, Tinian and Rota. “But landing the cable is only the first part of the adventure. Once the cable came to shore then we needed to connect it to the networks that we had been building. Today, those of you who are here will be able to go to the demo sites that are around our new, beautiful Gualo Rai store and try our triple-digit internet speed so you’ll be able to see 100 mbps internet speed.”

He added, “You’ll be able to see what it is like to try downloading a full movie or stream a video in 100mbps.”

He said they are looking forward to bringing that experience both to home consumers and businesses.

“You’ll be able to see the CNMI’s first high-definition TV. We have about 25 channels that you can experiment with. I suggest you take a look at the sports channel. I recommend golf — you can see every blade of grass brought to life in high-definition.”

According to Kriegel, they will launch TiVo in August, adding that it is a cable TV experience in high-definition.

“You can search for shows and record up to six shows simultaneously. No more fighting at home. All of this is on its way.”

Another service to be launched next month is Home Telephone.

“It essentially unites the CNMI and Guam into one market. We eliminate the long distance charges and bring you new features and services. We will bundle them together in one great offer.”

The Commonwealth Port Authority at the airport, the Susupe Fire Station and hotels, including Aquarius and Aqua Resort, are now experiencing Atisa’s fast internet access, Kriegel said.

In his remarks, Gov. Ralph Torres congratulated Kriegel and Katsuyuki Takagi, senior vice president and executive general manager of NTT Docomo’s global business division, for their successful endeavor.

“I acknowledge that the internet is not a luxury — it’s a need, and it’s how we communicate around the world,” Torres said. “Having Atisa here on the island is a great opportunity for all of us, not just for the business community. Let’s have a good partnership.”

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