Solomons Police Recover Stolen Logging Equipment In Makira

Marijuana plants also uprooted in raid

HONIARA, Solomon Islands (Solomon Star, July 7, 2017) – RSIPF officers in Makira Province recently recovered stolen items from angry people at the Wanamabe Logging Camp in East Makira as well uprooted marijuana plants.

Police recovered two chain saws worth $25,0000 [US$3,100] each; one 12 voltage battery  worth $3,000 [US$376] and one out boat motor (OBM). The properties were owned by Middle Island Logging Company. No case was opened, as the company management decided not to open any case against people involved. 

It is alleged that the incident happened after the Middle Island Logging Company failed to meet the signed agreement with the local land owners. It is believed that the angry land owners then took possession of the company’s properties. 

Provincial Police Commander (PPC) Makira-Ulawa, Superintendent Peter Sitai said the situation at the logging camp had calmed down and but police are monitoring the situation. 

PPC Sitai appeals to local landowners and the company to amicably resolve the matter in a peaceful manner. 

 PPC Sitai explained:  “My officers when attending the report from the logging company had uprooted more than 150 bottoms of grew up marijuana plants from two deferent locations in the same district. Four people involved were been questioned and charged by the police.  

Let me remind the good people of Makira-Ulawa Province and the entire nation for that matter, that marijuana is illegal in the country and carries serious fines and imprisonment term if you are found guilty in court. 

And under the Dangerous Drug Act penalties for being guilty of possession of marijuana, ranges from $2000.00 – $10,000.00 fine and custodial penalty of six months to ten years”. 

PPC Sitai reminds members of the public that they should not in any way whatsoever  try to grow, possess or use  marijuana or any illegal drug for that matter as it is not only unlawful but can have a detrimental effect on people’s health. People should instead work with police to get rid of the drug from the communities.

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