Yap Cultural Delegation, Headed By Governor Ganngiyan, Performs In China

Yap State Government
Zhongshan, China

July 11, 2017

The Yap cultural delegation headed by Tony Ganngiyan, governor of the state, gave its first performance on Tuesday, July 4, 2017, at the Zhongshan Youth Palace as part of the Zhongshan and Yap Cultural Exchange.

The theme of the two-hour long cultural exchange was “Join Hands For A Brighter Tomorrow,” offering live cultural displays and performances by both sides. Zhongshan performers included singers, dancers, kungfu fighters and musicians. The Yap delegation did a local attire display for men showing the various thuw ensembles from boyhood to manhood. Likewise, the girls displayed the women’s traditional grass skirt attire from girlhood to womanhood.

Narrating the significance of these traditional attires was John Mafel, president of Rull KLM (Kan-Rull, Likaychog, Milew), who also shared the story of Pluwlap and the Melgobingbing dance. Legend has it that Pluwlap was half human and half spirit who came from above Yap, and married a local woman who bore him three sons and a daughter. Pluwlap taught his sons the art of navigation and they sailed often.

Since that time, for many generations the Melgobingbing dance has been performed as a ritual dance in Rull Municipality as an oral and dance legend for the honor Pluwlap’s three sons bestowed on their father to ensure his navigation legacy and the pursuit of his art live on.

The 29-member delegation will be representing Yap, the Federated States of Micronesia on the cultural tour, which will visit different cities over the next two weeks. During this time, the governor’s delegation will also be exploring further business and exchange opportunities along the way.

The cultural delegation is comprised of dancers from Rull Municipality headed by the mayor of Rull, Simeon Waathan, and supported by John B. S.Thing, John Guswel, John A. Mafel, Peter Gilinug, Jeffrey E. Adalbai and Philip Tamag Ranganbay.

The artist members of the delegation are John Fagalchoo Choo who is the dance lead, followed by dancers Jordan Paam, Brian F. Ramngen, Jaymi Hallens, John M. Thinmaw, Jeremy Waayan Defag, Johnny Tamag, RayGlenn Patrick W. Ranganbay, Raloford Moon Thigthen, Terence Gilmatam and Brandon J. Buchun. The nunuw and attire display ladies of the group include Rhonda Ann Chutnan Gilmatam, Michelle Gomtin Adalbai, Trudy Turgen and Juliana Kugdigow Yilbuw.

The government delegation is headed by Governor Ganngiyan, and accompanied by Chief Francis Xavier Fithingmow of the Council of Pilung, Yap China Association Chairman and former Yap State Governor Vincent Figir, Yap China Association Vice Chairman and Interpreter Mr. Yang Gang, Director of Health Services Martina Reichhardt, Protocol Chief Sebastian F. Tamagken and 2018 Micronesian Games Chief Executive Officer Liyon Sulog.        

According to Governor Ganngiyan, this trip was made possible through FSM Congress appropriation as the major sponsor, which his Office submitted a request for funding to. The support of Yap’s congressmen — Isaac V. Figir and Joseph Urusemal —together with the rest of the honorable FSM congressmen, is always appreciated. The same goes to Peter Christian, president of the FSM, who made sure the fund was expeditiously transmitted to Yap state on the 11th hour.

Other major cooperative sponsors and partners of this trip include: Pacific Islands Trade and Investment Commission in Beijing headed by David Morris; FSM Embassy in Beijing through Ambassador Carlson D. Apis; United Airlines Yap Branch Office headed by Daniel Palik; Jan Mok in Hong Kong, China through Yap Visitors Bureau manager Don Evans; the People’s Republic of China government and private sectors which include the Chinese Embassy in FSM through Ambassador Li Jie, Zhongshan City, GD Province, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies headed by Professor Liang Xuehong, Shenzhen Cultural Commission headed by Kevin Yingshi Zhang, Chengdu Exhibition and Traveling Group Chairman Deng and the provincial government of Guangdong Foreign Affairs Office and Sichuan Provincial Foreign Affairs Office.

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My alarming of reaction: China is one of the country have not been improving on human right. China is authoritarian ruler to today's. Instead of FSM leaders working with improving relationship with US Congress on the Compact of Free Association or becoming a Commonwealth, the FSM leaders have intentionally exploitation toward our fragile resources and selling out. There is no future with China. Horror of future is awaiting for the FSM people. Those freedom we protected under the United States rule of law will put under oppression when China's finalizing his ruler in region of Micronesia, because we have some very not bright FSM leaders and their ill and poor decision will and destroy future and human right together for entire FSM...

As the old catchphrase goes "you can lead the horse to the water but you cannot force the animal to drink" (Eisenhower Highway, 1945).How many Chinese die for the entire Pacific islanders population during World War II to liberate these oasis from the emperor's wrath. The answer should be none but myopic logic is difficult to cast itself beyond the reef barrier line.None in the morning, none at noon, and none in the evening --- so let it be....

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