Cook Islands 'Peoples Budget' Totals More Than $200 Million

$25.7 million increase from previous year is largest ever

By Rashneel Kumar

RAROTONGA, Cook Islands (Cook Islands News, July 17, 2017) – The 2017/18 Budget passed in Parliament this week is the biggest-ever, totaling an estimated $273,247,094 [US$200,835,000].

After about three weeks of deliberation by MPs on both sides of the House, the “People’s Budget” was passed unanimously on Monday.

The new budget is worth $34,966,808 [US$25,700,400] more than the 2016/17 one.  Ministry outputs (gross operating) dominate payment allocations with an estimate of $113,846,920 – $12,438,182 [US$83,676,900-$9,141,990] more than the 2016/17 Budget estimate.

The Education ministry will have the highest allocation of $19,588,429 [US$14,397,400], followed by Finance and Economic Management on $18,583,842 [US$13,659,000] and Health with $14,098,300 [US$10,362,200].

The total ministry, Crown and statutory agencies allocation for 2017/18 is $102,340,829 [US$75,219,900].

A total of $1,750,757 [US$1,286,800] has been allocated to ministerial support.

The Prime Minister’s Office has been allocated $422,049 [US$310,204] followed by Finance minister Mark Brown’s office $291,081 [US$213,943]. The Deputy Prime Minister’s office gets $231,769 [US$170,349].

Aitutaki leads the outer islands allocation on $1,649,476 [US$1,212,360] followed by Mangaia $1,618,363 [US$1,189,490] and Atiu on $1,331,029 [US$978,299].

A total of $9,755,334 [US$7,170,120] has been allocated for the outer islands in the 2017/18 Budget.

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