Vanuatu PM Addresses Citizens On Independence Day

Salwai stresses that "Unity makes a nation strong'

By Anita Roberts

PORT VILA, Vanuatu (Vanuatu Daily Post, Aug. 2, 2017) – The Prime Minister (PM), Charlot Salwai, called onto citizens on Independence Day to unite despite diversity to build a better Vanuatu for future generations.

“Unity makes a nation strong.

“Therefore, we (the people of Vanuatu) must forget our differences in politics, religion, island or province and work together to build our nation on christian principles and traditional values founded on our motto: ‘Long God yumi stanap’,” said the PM.

The PM in his speech to mark the country’s 37th Independence anniversary on Sunday reminded how far Vanuatu has come as a country since independence in 1980 and how far it needs to go.

Unity was the music to the ears of everyone attending the celebration in the capital, Port Vila.

He made that call on citizens to strengthen determination and unity for peace, progress and prosperity.

It’s never easy fulfilling this message but, the PM has gave everyone an encouraging biblical quote that: ‘With God nothing is impossible’.

Prime Minister Salwai reminded everyone about the importance of celebrating Independence on July 30 every year.

“Independence celebrations are unique moments of showing our unity in diversity. The day is special for everyone of us.

“A day to get together and reflect on the achievements we (Vanuatu) have accomplished so far since Independence 37 years ago,” said the PM.

While Vanuatu begun celebrating freedom since 1980, it never forgets its brothers and sisters in New Caledonia (Kanaky), Tahiti and West Papua struggling for freedom.

The Kanaky-West Papua supporters were part of this year’s independence celebration in Port Vila.

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