Vanuatu Chiefs Calls For Strong Government Response To Curb Violence

Malvatumauri Council backs away from calls for death penalty punishment

By Godwin Ligo

PORT VILA, Vanuatu (Vanuatu Daily Post, Aug. 8, 2017) – The President of the Malvatumauri Council of Chiefs, Chief Seni-Mao Tirsupe, said the Government must take strong measures in regard to brutal killings in Vanuatu.

He made the comments to the Daily Post, backing off from an earlier mention of the death penalty, following another killing of a female in Port Vila last week.

“We the Chiefs have been and are continuing to play our role in resolving problems and many social issues and conflicts affecting the lives of our citizens over the past 37 years, but we need strong enforcement of laws as well to ensure our people live in peace, harmony and enjoy their good God-given lives.

“But almost every day we face more and more crimes, especially with killings and murders.

“The Government must act quickly and seriously to address these issues and put a full stop to it, while we the chiefs, together with the church leaders, women and other leaders will work side by side with the Government to find long term solutions,” he said.

“Stronger and heavier measures and penalties must be addressed sooner, before we see more killings.

“Can’t the Government get down to finding out what are the roots of all these criminal activities, come up with permanent solutions, so that citizens, residents and visitors in Vanuatu can have long lasting peaceful living?” Chief Tirsupe said.

He had mentioned earlier last week that introducing capital punishment such as death penalty may make people think twice before committing acts of killings and murders.

But Chief Tirsupe said because Vanuatu is a Christian country, the Government may have to think twice and carefully on this suggestion.

“There must be a way out to make people change their way of thinking and mentality before committing such crimes, especially killings,” said the Malvatumauri President.

“The Government priority now should be, to put an end on all these criminal activities that include killings and murders of human beings, in this God-given nation.

“We can give priority to education or health or economy or tourism, but our people cannot enjoy life when killings continue to make headlines every now and then, and which is becoming totally unbearable to good (law) abiding citizens, residents and visitors in this country,” the concerned President of the Malvatumauri reitereated.

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