Solomons CSOs Petitioning PM Regarding Withdrawal Of Anti-Corruption Bill

PM withdrew the bill two weeks ago which had been a flagship policy of the government to address corruption head-on, sparking a public outcry

HONIARA, Solomon Islands (Solomon Star, September 12, 2017) – The country’s Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) have combined forces in seeking signatures of Solomon Islanders nationwide and abroad for their three-point petition on the withdrawn Anti-Corruption Bill.

The petition demands that Prime Manasseh Sogavare re-tables the Bill when Parliament resumes next month as he had declared, that all 50 Members of Parliament unanimously vote in support of the Bill and that the Prime Minister accepts representatives of the CSOs to be part of a group to monitor the progress of work on the Bill in preparation for its re-tabling in Parliament.

The Prime Minister withdrew the Bill - a flagship policy of the government to address corruption head-on- two weeks ago sparking off a public outcry.

A media statement issued by the Prime Minister’s office to selected media outlets in the country quoted the Prime Minister as saying that the withdrawal was necessary to make way for a newer version of the Bill which is of improved drafting standard and incorporates the amendments recommended by the Parliamentary Bills and Legislative Committee.

The petition was put together last week after the CSOs were not convinced by the explanations the Chief Technical Adviser to the Government on the Anti-Corruption Bill Mose Saitala provided for the withdrawal of the Bill in a meeting they had with him.

The CSOs hold the view that the reasons stated by the government for the Bill’s withdrawal were mere delaying tactics designed for the political convenience of the Prime Minister.

Member of the Civil Societies Anti-Corruption Committee Ishmael Nori told the Solomon Star that the objective of the petition which they started collecting signatures in support of is to see the Prime Minister re-table the Anti-Corruption Bill next month when Parliament resumes meeting.

He said the Prime Minister had declared to the nation that he will re-table the Bill next month and the CSOs are determined to see him keep his words in the best interest of the nation which has long suffered from corruption.

Mr Nori said his committee has been collecting signatures in Honiara since last Friday and will continue this process until this Thursday.

He said to collect signatures from people in the provinces, Oxfam is responsible for Temotu and Malaita provinces, whilst the Development Services Exchange (DSE) - umbrella body of CSOs in the country- with the National Council of Women (NCW) is responsible for all other provinces.

Mr Nori said the petition was also uploaded on the Forum Solomon Islands International (FSII) to obtain the signatures of Solomon Islanders living abroad and also those in the provinces who have access to the internet.

He said his committee looks forward to obtaining many signatures as possible to give weight to the petition, which they will be finalised by next week for presentation to the Prime Minister next Tuesday.

Mr Nori said they are planning to stage a peaceful march to the Prime Minister’s Office to present the petition to the Prime Minister.

He said they are also conducting a radio programme to enlighten the public about the content of the petition and progress of signature collection.

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