Five More People Arrested In French Polynesia Methamphetamine Investigation

Last week police seized 46 pounds of drug; $600,000 in cash

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (Radio New Zealand International, Oct. 12, 2017) – Police in French Polynesia have taken a further five people into custody in an ongoing probe of a methamphetamine distribution network.

This comes a week after police seized a record 21 kilogrammes of methamphetamine.

In this week's raids, a further 100 grams of the drug was found as well as $US600,000 in cash.

Several luxury vehicles have also been seized.

Last week, the prosecutor in Tahiti said methamphetamine was imported from the US where it was bought for between $US10 to $US30 a gram and then sold in Tahiti for $US1,000.

Media reports said a key suspect is a tour guide who allegedly smuggled the drug, in part by giving some of it to unsuspecting fellow travellers.

Since the beginning of the year, 27 kilogrammes of the drug have been seized, implicating dozens of people in a number of cases.

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