Livestock Attack Highlights Dog Problem In Cook Islands

Dog owners failing to follow laws creating threat to people, animals

By Shae Osborne 

RAROTONGA, Cook Islands (Cook Islands News, Oct. 11, 2017) – Another dog attack on livestock has raised concerns over Rarotonga’s ongoing issue with wandering dogs.

On Saturday the owner of a flock of goats was distraught to find some of his animals, including a pregnant goat, mauled to death.

He told police a pack of dogs had allegedly attacked numerous livestock in the area. He later reported one of his pigs missing.

The Cook Islands Police Service highlighted the problem in a Facebook post, but said photos from the scene were too graphic to upload.

Police have previously said they will put down any dogs who harm people or animals.

“This is another vicious attack that just highlights how irresponsible dog owners around the island can be,” said Cook Islands Police Service media liaison officer Trevor Pitt. 

This incident follows a number of other recent dog attacks including several just last month.

The first was reported on September 4 in Ngatangiia and the dog control unit was called to investigate.

Following this incident police said a large number of dog owners on Rarotonga were failing to obey the laws surrounding dog ownership.

Less than two weeks later a visiting family had their holiday interrupted when a dog bit their three-year-old son.

His parents said the young boy had been watching baby chickens in Muri. They said the youngster hadn’t even touched the dog before he was knocked over and bitten. The dog was later put down.

In August, a foreign national required medical treatment and was taken to Rarotonga hospital by ambulance after he was bitten by a dog in Vaimaanga. The animal was put down following the incident.

Police say wandering animals, particular menacing dogs will not be tolerated, and urge owners to restrain their dogs, both for the safety of others and for the safety of their beloved pets.

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