Fiji Police Won't Make Further Comments On Death Of Russian Couple

Chief asks public to not speculate as investigation continues

By Roland Koroi

SUVA, Fiji (Fiji Times, July 6, 2016) – The Fiji Police Force will not be making any further comments in regards to the murder of Russian nationals Mr Yuriy Shipulin and Ms Nataliya Gerasimova until investigations are complete.

Police Chief of Intelligence and Investigations ACP Luke Navela said this was due to the sensitive nature of ongoing investigations.

"On behalf of the Commissioner of Police I can assure everyone that all efforts are being put in to find whoever is responsible for this terrible act," he said.

"As we want to protect the integrity of the investigations we will not be making further comments until due course."

"Reiterating the Commissioner's comments, I want to urge members of the public not to speculate or spread unsubstantiated rumours about the case as it only serves to create unnecessary fear," ACP Navela said.

The couple went missing on June 17. Body parts found at the Natadola beach in Sigatoka five days later were later proven to be theirs. Investigations are continuing.

[PIR editor's note: On July 5, 2016 Radio Australia reported that 'A New Zealand holidaymaker has told how he stumbled across a human head on a Fiji tourist beach — the latest apparent twist in the gory case of a Russian couple murdered and dismembered in the island nation.']

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I am a P.I. in Canada and have a Russian friend who has done investigations in Russian some similar to this one that took place in your country. I thought it might be a good idea to send his ideas as I respect his ability and experience. HE WROTE: First-Luzanenko and Russian expats have nothing to do with this murder. Otherwise the couple would have been killed at the farm. Neither there is a connection with the couples business in Fiji. The cause is Yuri's business deals in Russia. Contract killers flew to the resort, and invited the couple to the resort for business discussion. Renting a car and driving it to the farm would complicate the matter and leave some traces. The couple drove to the resort in their car. The killers did not have a boat to bring parts far from the shore. As the parts were attached to weights, they would not be washed up to the shore. They would be on the sea bed. Parts with attached stones do not float. The only loose end in this scenario is the chainsaw. But it might have nothing to do with the murder. Perhaps the couple was drowned first. This would insure no blood during dismemberment. Perhaps a knife was used. Even if the passenger list was examined and the killers identified as major suspects, there is no material evidence against them. It is highly unlikely that they will be punished. If the couple owned a lot of money to their former business partners. They probably went to Fiji in hope that they would never be found or reached. Sure, their life was lavish initially, but the revenge was typical of the Russian criminal businessmen. I know that my concept is correct, as I deal with Russians and know many similar cases. The thing is that top criminals are connected with the Russian security, and finding someone is not that hard.

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