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Tuesday, 03/14/17


Last week voters in the Federated States of Micronesia turned out to elect their representatives for the two-year seats in the FSM Congress and to decide whether or not the Constitution should be amended to allow for dual citizenship. The National Election Commission has already sent a letter to President Peter Christian with the certified results of the election.

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Wednesday, 03/22/17


A total of 2821 candidates have signed the official form to contest the 111 seats in the 2017 national election – including 13 vying for Prime Minister Peter O’Neill’s Ialibu-Pangia seat. PNG Electoral Commission media officer Alphones Muapi said the 2821 had filled and signed Form 29 which had all their personal details. But he said the exact number of... + continue reading

Sunday, 03/19/17


Papua New Guinea and the Autonomous Bougainville Government will sign a memorandum of understanding on the drawdown of powers specifically for the public service in the region.

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Monday, 06/13/16 - 0 comment(s)


The Supreme Court of the United States has denied a petition of ‘writ of certiorari’ from five American Samoans, who are plaintiffs in the US citizenship case against the federal... + continue reading


Monday, 03/13/17 - 0 comment(s)


I can tell you what the Australian Government is going to do about the refugees on Manus Island who won't be resettled in the United States. Nothing. There are potentially...

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Wednesday, 03/22/17 - 0 comment(s)


The Minister of Finance and Treasury, Hon Snyder Rini has lashed out at the statement by Hon Rick Hou in the Solomon Star on 22 March 2017 as misleading and inappropriate. ... + continue reading

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Monday, 03/13/17 - 1 comment(s)


Ahead of the launch of her debut novel The Earth Cries Out, author Bonnie Etherington talks with Pacific Media Watch contributing editor Kendall Hutt... + continue reading


Tuesday, 03/14/17 - 0 comment(s)


Two villages in South Sorong, West Papua province have become the first in Papua to be granted hutan desa (village forest) permits. The permits grant... + continue reading

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Tuesday, 03/14/17 - 1 comment(s)


Under Operation Grapple, the United Kingdom conducted nine atmospheric nuclear tests in 1957-8 in the British Gilbert and Ellice Islands Colony - today, the Republic of Kiribati.... + continue reading