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PORT VILA, Vanuatu (March 6, 2002 - PINA Nius Online)---Police in Port Vila have arrested three expatriates in a crackdown against what they say is pornography at various movie and video outlets, the Vanuatu Trading Post reported.

The newspaper said the businesses of the trio, believed to be Australian and German nationals, were raided. The men were later charged.

Police allege one of the men charged Ni-Vanuatu only a couple of dollars to watch hard-core pornography in a small, dark viewing room.

He also allegedly offered couples a private viewing room for two at an additional charge to watch x-rated movies.

One of the men told the Vanuatu Trading Post he does not rent out or have any hard-core porn tapes in his store, only what he called erotic tapes.

"We rent this out to MPs, church leaders and influential people who are regular customers," he said.

He was quoted as saying: "We show them only to people who are over 25 years old and only at night after 8 p.m."

The third expatriate has been accused of recording pornographic tapes and distributing them to one of the other men for showing to the public.

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