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ALOFI, Niue (Niue News, July 2) - NU Domain Ltd., the United States-based operator of the .NU domain name registry, has announced that it will take legal action against Secure Computing Corporation for making false claims that domain is hosting millions of pages of pornographic material.

The company also stated that it would take legal action against anyone who republishes this inaccurate and defamatory study.

Secure Computing Corporation released a report on June 24, which it says shows the global distribution of millions of pornographic Web pages by the top 100 individual country domains. The report says,"The domain of the island nation of Niue hosts an astonishing three million pages of pornography on its .NU domain."

But .NU Domain Ltd., President J. William Semich flatly discredits the report.

"There are no such pornographic Web pages being hosted in Niue or by the .nu top level domain, nor were there ever any such Web pages," Semich said."This study, along with all its claims about Niue and the .nu domain name, is false and defamatory."

There are approximately 100,000 .nu domain names currently active on the Internet worldwide. Since first launching registration services for .nu domain names on the Internet in 1997, .NU Domain Ltd has developed one of the most stringent sets of policies and terms of use of any domain name in the world.

"Since then," Mr Semich said, "we have de-activated, revoked or removed about 6,000 names for violating our policies or U.S. laws, including aggressive policies against pornography."

Rather than being a geographic study of Internet pornography, the Secure Computing report is merely a summation of the total number of Web page URLs the company has listed in its Web site access control filter.

The more Web pages it can list in its filter the more protection it can claim to be providing. So in an apparent attempt boost the count, Secure Computing has included thousands of inactive and expired domain names, and the millions of Web pages associated with them, in its SmartFilter v4 Control List.

"The number of pornographic Web pages it has listed as being associated with the .nu domain name is wildly inflated as a result," said Mr Semich.

.NU Domain has intentionally structured its use and pricing policies to discourage pornographers from using .nu domain names in their businesses.

"Pornography Web site operators prefer to use the lowest cost domain names for their Web pages," said Mr Semich. "Since they register many domain names - often thousands - for the same pornographic Web site. .NU Domain Ltd requires a two-year registration period to register a .nu domain name, for a total cost of US$60. Registrars for .com domain names charge as little as US$8 and only require a one-year registration."

July 7, 2004

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