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Youths seek to "expose" senior public servant in videos

By Romulus Masiu

PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea (The National, June 5, 2008) Bougainvillean-made pornographic materials are being freely distributed on the streets of Buka Town with the intention to expose the "porn stars."

These porn materials are being duplicated and widely circulated to government authorities and individuals. It is understood police in the region have also been given these materials.

Yesterday some youths approached The National’s Buka office with a copy of a CD containing images of a senior Bougainvillean public servant and two local women. The images showed the three in nude scenes.

The images were captured and turned into a video slide show and distributed in town with the intention of all to view and know who is involved in porn production, the youths stated.

"It’s about time we expose some of our corrupt leaders because, nowadays, it seems that there a two sets of laws - one for the grassroots and one for the big-shots.

"When the grassroots do wrong, police are quick to arrest and lock them up. However, when people in high offices do wrong, they are still walking around freely," the youths told The National.

The youths confirmed that those who starred in these latest porn video shots could still be seen walking around town.

One of the women - a teenager - is believed to be a student.

A village chief has called on police to come down hard on leaders who prey on girls and lure them to engage in such immoral activities.

The chief from South Bougainville, who requested not to be named, said the person who starred in the porn images should know better and should not be involved in producing such illegal materials.

He also urged parents to control their children, especially the females, not to engage in such "dirty" games, adding that "our body is the Holy Temple of God."

The Bishop of the Catholic Church on Bougainville Henk Kronenberg has also come out condemning the possession of pornographic materials and making pornographic movies in the region which, he said, is increasing dramatically.

Police confirmed that there are a lot of locally-made movies being circulated around Bougainville.

The locally-made porn movies are being sold for PGK50 [US$19] on the streets of Buka, Arawa and other districts.

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